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Things To Do While Doing Laundry


We offer free cable TV and wi-fi to make your waiting time more pleasant. But what if you have things to do? We are located in the Kenwood Shopping Center, meaning you can finish quite a few errands while you are in the area. Here are some ideas:


  • Grocery Shop. Super One and George's Liquor

  • Dine Out. Erbert and Gerberts, Arby's, Subway, Papa Murphy's and Perk Place Coffeehouse

  • Go To The Bank. Duluth Teacher's Credit Union, Wells Fargo and US Bank 

  • Service Your Car. Auto Ace and Kenwood Muffler

  • Do Something For Yourself.  Play it Again Sports, Baja Tanning

  • Take Care of Business. Vision Pro Optical, Cost Cutters Hair Salon, The UPS Store, Walgreens, State Farm Insurance


Think about it. Here you can do your laundry and all your errands IN ONE PLACE! 

No other laundromat in Duluth does it this easy.

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