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Duluth Laundromat Located in Kenwood Shopping Center

Welcome to Duluth's cleanest laundromat! Our self-serve store is conveniently located in the Kenwood Shopping Center next to Super One grocery store and many other places to go when you're out running errands. 

Our convenient payment system lets you leave your quarters at home. You can pay with cash or credit at the pay station when you get here. It's Super easy!

We Offer:

A Safe And Clean Space, Large Washer Extractors, Hot Dryers, Hot Water, Change Machine, Vending Machines, Cable TV, Free Wi-Fi, Pandora Music, Bright Lighting, 24 Hour Surveillance


Last Wash In At 8:15 PM

Last Dryer Start At 8:45 PM

Doors Lock Automaticly At 9:00PM

(You Will Not Be Able To Get Back In)

Kenwood Laundromat does not offer dry cleaning services.

Kenwood Laundromat Prices and General Information:

Thank you for checking out our laundromat. Store hours are 7 am to 9pm every day of the year (365).

We are excited to announce that we have all new (2023) dryers and four large brand new (2023) washer/extractors!


Washer prices are $3.50 for a top load single load (level laundry basket), 

$3.50 for a front load, single load (level laundry basket), 

$5.00 for a 1+ load (1 heaping laundry basket), 

$6.00 for a 2+ (2 heaping laundry baskets, king size comforter), 

$8.00 for a 3+ (3 heaping laundry baskets). 


30 lb dryers are $2.00/30 minutes, 45 lb dryers are $3.00/30 min and the big dryers are $5.00/30 min.


You won't need the change machine except for soap, if you need it. Quarters, tokens or other coin is NOT accepted in the washers or dryers.


All our machines use a free laundry card that you get at the ATM looking pay station inside the store. Cash and Credit card. 

If you need help, just text me and I can solve most issues over the phone.

My store is clean and safe, just for you.

Thanks for inquiring, and have a great laundry day!


Brent Consie

Kenwood Laundromat


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